I’m Tanya Griffiths, welcome to my blog about my experiences as a competetive road cyclist.

I want to use this blog to communicate to my family and friends about what I have been up to, but also as an insight into the world of elite cycling in Britain to those that are interested.

Although I race at elite level, I’m relatively new to cycling, after years of not really doing very much sport at all, I picked up cycling in the spring of 2011, when I decided to commute to work by bike. Within a few months of purchasing my first road bike, I joined the local bike club (Ipswich Bicycle Club) and began banking the miles and did my first race in May 2012. One year on and I am taking part in elite races with the best in Britain, including the televised Johnson Health Tech GP (Tour Series) and Prudential Ride London GP.

I am also keen on campaigning for more women to get out on bikes and racing, and for more women’s races for them to take part in. “If we build it, they will come…”


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